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Sunflower seeds are important oil crops and food processing raw materials in China. Research on sunflower harvesting machinery suitable for my country's agricultural status is of great significance for reducing labor intensity, improving sunflower harvesting efficiency and improving the economic strength of Chinese farmers. Foreign developed countries have basically achieved The sunflower harvester is mechanized, and the sunflower harvester is developing toward large-scale, general-purpose, professional, humanized and intelligent.

This combine harvester can complete the joint operation of harvesting, threshing, grain cleaning, debris separation, empty sunflower tray collection, and straw chopping and returning to the field at one time, saving a lot of operating time and manpower, with high efficiency, excellent performance, and good income. Tailor-made for sunflower growing areas, ideal for sunflower harvests!

Tianren grants our clients 1 year warranty for the equipment exported from us. During the warranty period, in case the defect of material or workmanship has occurred with spare parts in normal operation, the defective part will be repaired or replaced for free of charge.