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Corn Harvester China Supplier

The corn harvester is an agricultural machine that uses machinery to complete the harvesting of corn stalks when the corn is mature or close to maturity, according to the agronomic requirements. It is a new type of agricultural machinery researched and developed for the development of new energy sources and to reduce the labor intensity of farmers. It is a low-cost agricultural machinery suitable for the popularization of small four-wheelers in rural areas, and can harvest corn stalks when matched. It shortens the labor cycle of farmers' friends and frees people from heavy physical labor.

Efficient operation

1. The short body design of the whole machine, short wheelbase, flexible turning, suitable for small plots of work.

2. Equipped with a high-performance engine with strong power, it is especially suitable for high-yield field operations. It is equipped with a multi-state frequency conversion engine, and various powers can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

3. The transmission system of the whole machine is optimized, the feeding speed of the header is increased by 10%, and the discharge speed of bract leaves is increased by 15%, which is faster.

Comfortable and convenient

1. The new luxury shock-absorbing seat is comfortable for driving and reduces work fatigue.

2. Equipped with standard reversing image + warehouse full image, it is convenient to monitor the reversing and the loading situation of the granary.

3. The new multi-function combination instrument and sound and light alarm make driving and operation easier.

4. Equipped with air storage tank, auxiliary cleaning of water tank and air filter, with various functions.

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