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Use of Combine Harvesters

For any machine, its service life, failure rate, safety and reliability, etc., in addition to the manufacturing quality of the machine itself, have a lot to do with correct and reasonable use and maintenance. The use of combine harvesters is no exception, and several issues should be paid attention to before use:

1. If the working principle and operation requirements of the combine harvester are not clear, it will be difficult to use the combine harvester well. Therefore, the operator must participate in training and obtain a driver's license.

2. Before using the combine harvester, be sure to read the product manual in detail.
Due to the complex structure of the combine harvester, although the quality of the machine is very good, if you do not understand the internal structure and usage method before using it casually based on experience, and do not operate according to the instructions, the machine is prone to undue failures.

3. Because the conditions of the harvested crops are very different (such as crop varieties, maturity, moisture content, yield, crop height and lodging conditions, etc.), before using the combine harvester, it should be aimed at changes in operating conditions. Properly adjust each relevant mechanism of the machine to ensure the good working performance of the combine harvester.

4. The safety protection device installed on the combine harvester is set up to protect the safety of the operator and its related personnel. Therefore, it cannot be disassembled when the machine is running or working. If it has been disassembled during maintenance, it must be reinstalled before the machine is running or working. Install on. In addition, when the machine is working, be sure to follow the requirements of the relevant safety warning signs to avoid accidents.

5. The combine harvester must be inspected, maintained and maintained before use. For example, check whether there is lack of oil, water, loose fastening, open welding, abnormal noise, etc. If there is any abnormality, it should be supplemented, adjusted and repaired in time, and the machine should not be allowed to work with a disease, otherwise it is prone to major failure or damage.

6. Do not modify the combine harvester at will. Under normal circumstances, the structure and parameters of the combine harvester are coordinated in design and cannot be changed or modified at will. Such as increasing the engine speed, increasing the height of the grain tank, etc., will not only affect the operating performance, but also accelerate the wear and damage of the machine.