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Corn Combine Harvester Manufacturer In China

Rice is one of the three major products in my country, and the country's existing planting area is about 340 million mu. Applicable corn combine harvesters are needed in rural areas. The planting process of corn is simple, easy to manage, and has the advantages of easy high yield and stable yield.

However, it is very troublesome to harvest corn. It needs to pick ears and peel off the buds. Moreover, due to its high yield, a labor force can only harvest about half an mu of land every day. It is difficult for farmers to harvest corn, and rural areas need suitable corn combine harvesters.

The corn harvester is a large-scale machine with complex structure and high technical requirements for operation.

Operators need to carry out careful and strict testing and inspection of its performance before use, and complete various operations in accordance with operating methods and standards to effectively improve the performance of the corn combine harvester, so that it is always in a good and healthy state. Then greatly enhance the efficiency and safety of the operation of the corn harvester, and finally significantly optimize the work efficiency of the harvester.

The corn combine harvester is an integrated machine specially used for harvesting corn. It can perform tasks such as harvesting, conveying, peeling, packing, and crushing straw at one time. It can not only liberate a lot of manpower, but also significantly To improve harvesting efficiency, the crushed straw can also be used as organic fertilizer.

In order to give full play to the function of the corn combine harvester, the operator should carry out standardized operations.

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