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Mini Corn Picker Manufacturers

Mini Corn Picker

Mini corn picker is a compact and efficient harvesting machine designed for small-scale farms. It’s a self-propelled, hand-pushing type of harvester that can perform tasks such as cutting one row of maize, picking corn, and shredding maize stalks and leaves all at once. When the collection tank is full, the corn can be easily bagged. This type of machinery is particularly suitable for small farmers and can be operated in hilly and mountainous areas where larger harvesters may not be able to work.

Mini corn pickers are available with different features and specifications, including:
Engine Types: Options include gasoline or diesel engines.
Power: Ranging from 6.0 kW to 6.3 kW.
Start Mode: Typically equipped with electric start.
Productivity: Can cover approximately 0.13-0.2 hectares per hour.
Customization: Some models offer customized logos and packaging.
Prices and specific models vary, with some starting around $800-$900 for basic versions, and more advanced models costing up to $13,000-$15,000. It’s important to consider the specific needs of your farming operation when selecting a mini corn picker.

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