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Small Scale Corn Harvester

Small-Scale Corn Harvester

When it comes to small-scale corn harvesting, there are a few options available:

1. Self-Propelled Hand-Pushing Type Corn Harvester:
This type of harvester is self-propelled and hand-pushed. It’s suitable for small-scale maize harvesting.
The machine can pick off the corn and simultaneously crush the corn stalks back into the field.
It has an adjustable stubble height, a safe tensioning clutch, and a small turning radius.
It can harvest approximately two acres of corn per hour while crushing the straw.
2. Single-Row Corn Harvester:
Single-row corn harvesters can only harvest one row of corn at a time.
These machines can pick off the corn and also smash the corn stalks back into the field.
They can be equipped with gasoline or diesel engines for power.
3. GrainGoat (World’s Smallest Combine):
The GrainGoat is a compact combine designed for small-grain crops like wheat or milo.
It includes a stripper head that removes just the grain heads and a collection bin with a moisture sensor.
It’s suitable for small-grain growers and could benefit those farming smaller acreages.
If you have specific requirements or need more information, feel free to ask!

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