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Compact Corn Picker

Compact Corn Picker

Compact corn picker is a specialized agricultural machine designed to efficiently harvest corn. 

1. Single-Row Corn Harvesters:
These machines can harvest only one row of corn at a time.
They pick the corn and simultaneously break down the corn stalks, returning them to the field.
Power options include gasoline and diesel engines.
2. Tractor-Mounted Corn Pickers:
These pickers have a short body length, allowing for flexibility and efficient turning.
Equipped with turbocharged engines, they offer high power and low fuel consumption.
The front-mounted straw returning system prevents tires from rolling over straw, ensuring effective straw chopping.
3. Used Corn Pickers:
If you’re interested in purchasing a used corn picker, there are various options available.
Prices and availability vary, so it’s essential to explore listings from reputable sources.

Feel free to ask if you need more information or have any specific requirements! 

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