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The green storage machine is a kind of green storage equipment. The green storage machine can cut and break the tall and thick corn stalks. Because the corn stalks are rich in juice, the crushing equipment adopts high technology and effectively reduces the nutrients.The loss of green fodder is the necessary green fodder processing machinery for the majority of animal husbandry farmers.

Scope of application of the green storage machine: suitable for various standing dry and wet straw crops after fruit harvest, such as corn stalk, cotton stalk, banana stalk, sorghum stalk, corn stalk, wheat stalk, field green stalk and other biomass crushing harvest. After harvest, the crushed straw can be directly used in breeding farms, feed mill silage or processed straw pellet feed, charcoal plants, straw coal plants produce charcoal, straw coal and other biomass power generation fuels, and edible fungus growers are used as culture materials.

The green storage machine is mainly used to harvest low green forage crops such as green pasture, oats, beet stems and leaves. The main working part is a rotary chopper equipped with multiple knives. During operation, the chopper rotates at a high speed, and the green forage crops are chopped and shredded by a knife, and then thrown into the trailer.