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Self-propelled Corn Picker For Sale

The machine is a corn harvester or you can say maize picker who can pick off green or yellow corn and then stripped of the corn husks to harvest the ears of corn. The corn stalks, on the other hand, are handled by the straw handling system below the fuselage and are optionally chopped into the fields, So you can make green manures to provide nutrients for the next season. 

Alternatively,you can choose to break the corn stalks into silage and feed the sheep for feeding. It combines the strengths of China's two top harvester design teams. It is a harvester for all terrains and strengthens the adaptability of raised farmland and undulating terrain.which has many functions such as corn picking, corn peeling and corn stalk chopping. It is characterized by fast harvesting speed, good peeling effect, less loss of ear and grain, and firm quality. 

At present, our products have been sold to Turkey, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Albania, Indonesia and other countries, and the export volume has been the first long-term.