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4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker

4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker
4YZLT-6 Sweet Corn Picker

Crawler type fresh food corn harvester is another professional harvester for sweet, waxy and seed corn introduced by Tianren Agricultural Machinery after years of dedicated research. The machine adopts the track chassis walking system design, which better adapts to the work conditions of harvesting fresh corn with heavy rainfall and muddy fields. The patented corn header design ensures reduced damage to corn kernels during harvesting and the maintenance of the quality and beauty of sweet, waxy, and seed corn ears.

Vertical roller corn header:

The corn header is designed for the upper and lower two-layer structure, the upper corn header height can be adjusted to adapt to different varieties of corn; The stubble height of the lower corn header can also be determined by adjusting the contour wheel height. The corn header is driven by electric proportional hydraulic drive, and can match the cutting speed with the machine speed. It also has imitation form function for reduced manual operation. The upper corn header adopts a belt-clamped, vertical rooler simulated harvesting-style ear-picking platform, achieving damage-free harvesting of fresh corn. The lower part is a cutting and rubber belt-conveyor for ear-transporting. The whole system uses hydraulic motor drive for low noise and vibration, allowing flexible transport of the ear to the main engine.

Plate-type corn header(optional):

The harvester can be equipped with a plate-type corn header, which uses rubber gathering chains, patented fresh corn stalk rollers, stirring auger blades with round steel guard edges, and fresh corn-specialized corn header, rubber conveyor belt for less damage to corn during harvesting and transportation.

Chassis walking system: The tracked chassis can adapt to complex and adverse terrain, with the left and right tracks able to turn in opposite directions for in-place turning. It can also work in muddy fields during the rainy season. The machine has a track walking chassis with a speed of up to 24km/h, suitable for both working and road use. It solves the problem of wheel harvesters not being able to work on wet ground during the rainy season.

Engine and hydraulic system:

Equipped with Yuchai 240 horsepower six-cylinder engine, powerful, stable and reliable; Front-end configuration: fan pump, conveyor and cutting table cutter gear pump. PTO interface configuration: working cylinder gear pump, shift gear pump. Back-end configuration: corn header drive pump, walking drive pump. The whole harvester is hydraulically driven, relying on the processor and electronic hydraulic components, the speed of all working parts of the whole vehicle can be adjusted, which can be manually or automatically adjusted to the best working parameters, in order to achieve the best harvesting effect. More reliable transmission, greatly improve the harvesting efficiency.

Elevating and Sorting System:

The system uses rubber belt conveyor to transport the harvested crops and is equipped with two powerful debris-sucking fans at the front and rear, resulting in minimal crop damage and reduced debris content. The fans use hydraulic variable frequency technology, and their speeds can be adjusted as needed based on actual conditions.

Ear box:

The ear box has a volume of 6m³ and can be lifted up and flipped over, allowing for easy unloading into large transport trucks at a maximum discharge height of 4.3m.

Smart Electric Operation:

The machine is equipped with an advanced electric control panel for easy parameter adjustments, and features a 10-inch touch screen display for a high-end user experience.

4YZLT-6 Sweet corn picker technical parameters
Parameters Reference value Unit
Model 4YZLT-6 Sweet corn picker
Structure ☑track type  ☑picking
Engine Model YCA07270-T301
Engine Manufacturer Yuchai
Engine Structure Vertical, inline, water cooled, four stroke, air-air intercooler, common rail(BOSCH)
Rated Power 270 hp
Rated rotating speed 2200 r/min
Weight 14100
Working dimension 9980×4520×3850 mm
Number of the rows 6 /
Row spacing 650 mm
Cutting width 3950 mm
Min. pass height 320 mm
Working speed 2.0~5 km/h
Working efficiency 0.5~1.2 hm²/h
Fuel consumption rate ≤60 Kg/hm²
Conveyor position Center /
Conveyor structure Flexible
Snapping device type Stripper plate
Header type Horizontal
Fan type centrifugal
No. of Fan 4 pc
Fan Dia. φ610
Cab type Common
Driving type Hydraulic
Driving speed 0~13 ㎞/h
Gear box type / /
Elevation type hydraulic /
No. of gears 3 /
Turning way mechanical
Unloading type Side dumping
Max. unloading height 4300 mm
Grain tank volume 11
Track width(one side) 600 mm
No. of track segments 92 pc

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