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Corn Harvester Implement

Corn Harvester Implement

Corn harvester implement, also known as a corn harvester attachment or header, is a piece of agricultural equipment specifically designed for harvesting corn crops. It is typically attached to a combine harvester or a forage harvester to efficiently and effectively harvest corn. 

Corn Harvester Implement features
1. Header Design: Corn harvester implements are equipped with specialized headers designed to efficiently cut and gather corn plants. The headers typically consist of rows of gathering chains, snapping rolls, stalk rollers, and cutting units that work together to harvest the corn crop.
2. Row Spacing: Corn harvester implements come in various row spacing configurations to match the specific planting patterns of corn fields. Common row spacing options include 30-inch, 36-inch, and 38-inch configurations, depending on regional farming practices and equipment compatibility.
3. Corn Snapping: One of the critical functions of a corn harvester implement is to snap or detach the corn ears from the stalks as the harvester moves through the field. Snapping rolls or snapping plates are used to grip and separate the ears from the stalks, allowing for efficient harvesting.
4. Gathering System: The gathering chains or belts on the harvester header help collect the corn stalks and guide them towards the cutting units. This ensures that the corn plants are efficiently fed into the harvester for further processing.
5. Stalk Processing: Some corn harvester implements are equipped with stalk processing units that help chop and shred the remaining stalks after the corn ears have been harvested. This facilitates field residue management and prepares the field for the next planting season.

Corn harvester implement plays a crucial role in the efficient and productive harvesting of corn crops. By utilizing a well-designed and properly maintained harvester attachment, farmers can effectively harvest corn while maximizing productivity and crop yield.

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