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Self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester

It is a self-propelled corn harvester, compact design, short body, flexible maneuverability, small turning radius, easy to turn around in field, high harvesting efficiency; new dynamic appearance, novel and beautiful; easy to maintain: suitable for different row space and different planting structure, can harvest even not in rows.

Main features:

1.The header's reel chain adopts forced feeding way, can harvest the corn not in rows, also can horizontally harvest

2. The cutter table uses double auger-type picking roller, forcelly and quickly to pull the corn stick into cutter table, not intertwine, not blocking;

3. Using straw crushing and returning device, can completely crush the corn straw and reduce the stubble's height;

4. Peeling device with special design, adopt soft peeling technology, 5 sets peeling device, 20pcs rollers, metal and rubber rollers blended, this design.makes peeling more clean, reduces the rate of seed damage&loss:

5. The slide type recovery device can quickly unload the seeds, short time and high efficiency

6. Peeling device and grain elevator with alarm system, first-time to warn the fault information

7. Adopt closed, shock-absorbing and big-sized glass cab, comfortable and clear visibility to drive.

8.Reserve a termination to connect air conditioner.