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Third Generation Header

Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header
Third Generation Header

Model 3rd generation corn header
Brand Tianren
Number of rows 6-12
Regular row spacings (mm) 520, 540, 650, 670, 690, 700, 750
workable row spacings range (mm) ±50
Number of knives on stalk rolls 5
Feeding quantity (kg/s) ≥ 5.0
Weight of each row (kg) 180
Grain loss rate ≤2%
Compatibility John Deere, Case, Claas etc
The minimum corn cob height from field(mm) 200
Harvesting efficiency(acre/h) 1.6-3.3
Flail chopper Optional
Reel Optional
Side auger Optional

Third Generation Header Advantage

1. Designed for high productivity, the working speed is up to 12km/h.

2. Low grain loss rate, less than 2%

3. Superior down corn gathering performance, with super long arc-shaped dividers that are designed to lift down corn and present to the gathering chains. Reel attachments can increase the down corn gathering performance to a unbelievable level.

4. Patented compound multiple blades structure works stably when gathering cobs and cutting corn stalks, reducing chance of ear damage.

5. Patented small tilt angle techniques to stop free grain loss and able to pick up the cob 20cms higher than ground.

6. Hoods and dividers made by engineering plastics, light & more durable.

7. Separate slipping clutches are used on each row unit to ensure the high reliability.

8. Customized rows, row spacing, fully compatible with John Deere, Case. CLAAS combine harvesters, easy to mount.

9. Able to customize to suit for two different row spacings in the same corn fields. Aluminum alloy gear box, light weight & high reliability, easy to repair.

10. Hydraulic adjustment of stripper plate, can adjust multi-rows together.

Lubrication-Free Bearing

In order to help crop growers to get more harvesting work done than spending too much time on maintenance.

High Performance Gethering Chain

Increased by up to 16%

Enhanced Finishment

Maximized productive, also the service and maintenance has been simplified to allow for more time spent on harvesting.


For Smoother Flow

1. Precision-engineered improved gathering chain and stalk roll speeds while eliminating cob loss

2. Allow it to pick more corn at higher speeds in very conditions.

3. Increases the speeds and yield in any condition. even the down corn

4. TR Lift-Easy technology allows dividers to be opened easily

5. Patented design offers gentle delivery of ear cob

6. TR Reel System, increases the speeds and yield in any condition. Substantially increase speeds and yield in any condition and reduce the combine operation time spending.

7. Heavy Duty mainframe designed to perfectly hold the stress of high speed harvesting


Powering the Tianren platinum series corn head

1. Heavy-duty row unit gearbox

2. Less weight, less fuel consumption, more time to get the harvesting work done comparing to traditional iron cast gearbox

Corn Heads - Combine Head - Third Generation Header

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