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Combining Corn Harvester Header Supplier

The overall structure of the header is optimized, and the lengthened crop divider is suitable for harvesting sorghum and lodging crops of various heights.

1. The header equipped with a transmission box and a novel stripping mechanism enjys high harvesting reliability and efficiency. Also the open-type header enclosure gives convenience for auxiliary work in maintenance, regulation and repair.

2. The spiral crusher is with intersectional moving cutting and fixed cuttirng, so it would produce short crushed straws and leave lower stubbles.

3. The advanced stem-drawing of roll type stripping mechanism has high efficiency as well as small damage to corncob and kernels.

4. The peeling device adopts the alternate coonfiguration of rubber rolls, iron rolls, spiral equal-height rolls and other advanced technology to simplify the whole structure and achieve high work efficiency.
5. The enhanced adjustable rear axle and hidden rolling ladder give it good adaptability and high reliability.
6. The novel grain bin structure and enlargedfuel tank are good to prolong the work time. In addition, the grain bin is hydraulically drivento turn and discharge corn automatically.

The corn combine harvest is the 2013 hot sale product.It releases farmers from busy corn harvesting, saves manpower and material resources as well as brings enormous benefits to people. Do not hesitate to take action again, or yoou will miss a golden opportunity to make fortune.