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Silage Head Factory in China

Silage Head Details

● Cutting Width 3000mm
● Cutting Height ≤ 160mm
● Weight 1500kg
● Compatibility Silage harvester with more than 260HP
● Speed As per harvester setting

Silage Header Key Feature

● Adopt cone pulley type design and saw-tooth type blade, suitable for different planting pattern, crop height, distance, stalk thickness, smooth feeding, the cutter and blower work at even pace.
● If stuck when operation, feed tray can be reversed without stopping the cutting function.
● Customized color to match different harvester

Tsing Hua University and us co-designed the TR series corn heads. Our TR1688 series corn heads and TR9988 series Self-Propelled corn harvesters have been making more and more crop growers happy!