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self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester

self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester Main Advantage
I, Low loss rate: industry-leading corn header, adopt patented small tilt angle techniques to stop free grain loss, super ior cor gather ing per formance in harvesting standing leaning, down corns, attached col lect ing tank under the vibrant sieve of husking units to
minimize the field loss

2. Advanced husking unit design: high peel ing rate, good adaptability, less grain loss and high reliability.

3, Easy to operate with enhanced safety: LCD Panel: good vision provided by the arc glass of the driving cab as well as equi pped with the reversing and work ing video to improve the driving safety

4. Leading performance Euro lll diesel engine: featur ing huge power reserve and less fuel consumption

5. Equipped with stalk shredder in the aiddle of the harvester, smash the stalk into less than 10cm pieces at low fuel consumption rate


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