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Sunflower Header for Sale

Tianren works sincerely with crop growers across China to provide more affordable, efficient and reliable agricultural equipment to harvest their crops. Our engineers applied the premium parts to design our products. So far, our products have been distributed to Belgium, Cambodia, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Philippines etc.

Sunflower Header for sale

Better harvesting for sleep rice
New crop separator preventing straw rolled, especially for higher rice (1.2m or above) and fallen rice.New spring finger of reel is to reduce clamping straw. The reel position can be adjusted as per requirements by changing position oil cylinder, which help sleep rice.
Stronger Header Bottom Plate
The header bottom plate use stainless steel. The reinforced square tube is welded under the header bottom plate.
Big Conveyor Trough avoiding straw rolled.
The conveyor trough is bigger, so is the upper shaft. It can easily solve the problem of straw rolled. Chain Bar adopts stainless steel for longer life.
Better separating and cleaning.
The length of thresher 2m can extend threshing time and easily solve high yield grain and entrainment.
The main threshing belt is changed to duplex belt to improve work life.
Stronger Thresher
Left and right feed entrance plate, concave sieve, thresher cover plate, the roller guide plate use stainless steel. And thresher auger is welded with stronger iron bar.

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