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Corn Picker For Sale in China

The machine is mainly used for peanut direct harvesting or drying harvesting after peanut unearthed. Completing peanut gathering, picking out, fruit vine separating and into the tank respectively at same time.

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High-power turbocharged engine, powerful, excellent quality.
Large capacity cotton box, reduce the time to unload cotton, improve work efficiency.
The first advanced unloading cotton way, which is fast and reliable;
All-imported hydraulic technology configuration, durable, low failure rate.
Cotton picking head and the fan adopting hydraulic motor power transmission, reliable performance, smooth operation, low noise.
Closed air-conditioned cab, clean and comfortable environment for driver.


The picker uses a double track and runs smoothly.

The picking device adopts the circulation mode, and the efficiency of picking is higher.

Clods cleaning adapts airflow pattern to prevent clogging and reduce the rate of broken peanut fruit.

Picking delivery method can be used when wet and dry peanut.

Using centrifugal fan to send grass, has good fruit grass separation effect and cleaner forage.

Removing dust downward, reduce air dust, extend the life of the machine.

The machine has good performance, compact structure, easy operation, good safety and reliability. The machine adapts to all the land that machine can handle.

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