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Silage Header Maintenance

Silage headers are crucial components of forage harvesters, designed specifically for efficiently harvesting crops such as corn, sorghum, and grasses for silage production.

1. Daily Maintenance:
Inspect Cutter Bar: Check for any damage, wear, or buildup of debris on the cutter bar. Clean and lubricate as needed.
Check Gathering Chains: Ensure gathering chains are properly tensioned and free of damage. Replace any worn or damaged chains.
Inspect Auger Flighting: Examine the auger flighting for wear or damage. Replace worn flighting to prevent inefficient crop flow.
Clean Crop Deflectors: Remove any crop residue or debris from crop deflectors to prevent blockages and ensure smooth crop flow.
Inspect Skid Shoes: Check skid shoes for wear. Replace worn skid shoes to prevent damage to the header and ensure proper ground clearance.
Check Hydraulic Hoses: Inspect hydraulic hoses for leaks, wear, or damage. Replace any damaged hoses to prevent hydraulic system failures.
2. Weekly Maintenance:
Grease Pivot Points: Lubricate pivot points, bearings, and moving parts with grease to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.
Inspect Drive Belts: Check drive belts for wear, tension, and alignment. Replace worn or damaged belts to maintain proper power transmission.
Clean and Adjust Knives: Clean and sharpen knives to ensure clean cuts and efficient crop processing. Adjust knife clearance as needed.
Inspect Gearboxes: Check gearbox oil levels and inspect for leaks or damage. Top up oil levels and repair any leaks promptly.
Inspect Crop Dividers: Ensure crop dividers are properly aligned and adjusted for optimal crop gathering and feeding.
Check Hydraulic Cylinder Seals: Inspect hydraulic cylinder seals for leaks or damage. Replace worn seals to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks.
3. Seasonal Maintenance:
Replace Wear Parts: Replace worn or damaged wear parts such as guards, skid shoes, and gathering chains before the start of the harvesting season.
Inspect Draper Belts: If applicable, inspect draper belts for wear, damage, or alignment issues. Replace worn belts to prevent downtime during harvest.
Perform Structural Inspection: Inspect the header frame and structural components for cracks, weld failures, or signs of fatigue. Repair any structural issues to ensure safe operation.
Check Electrical Components: Test and inspect electrical components such as lights, sensors, and wiring harnesses. Repair or replace any faulty components.
Clean and Store Properly: Thoroughly clean the header after use and store it in a dry, covered location to prevent rust and corrosion.

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