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Where Corn Combine Harvester for Sale

Corn Combine Harvester Features:
Sealed driver cabin, comfortable for driver, good horizon.

Special cutter table, auger-type picking roller, forcelly and quickly to pull the corn stick into cutter table, not
intertwine, not blocking.

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1. With crushed straw device, can return the straw to field, reclaim the straw, make the straw in rows
2. 3 sets peeling device, improve the peeling efficiency.
3. Big shake sieve, it can collect the corn seed
4. Widen the corn elevator, improve corn transportation capacity
5. Sealed cab, this reduce the noise, make the driver feel more comfortable.
6. Steering wheel in one side of the cab.

Adopt straw crushing and returning machine, can crush the corn straw completely and reduce the stubble height.

Special design in peeing device, adopt soft peeling way, 4 sets peeling device, 16 pieces rollers, half metal
rollers and half rubber rollers, this design makes peeling more clean, reduces seed damage rate and seed lose rate.

Flexible harvesting ways, suitable for different row space and different planting structure,can harvest not in rows.

Assembling shake sieve and seed recycling bins, can collect the fallen corn seed, reduce loss rate.

Short machine body, short front-back wheel distance, small turning radius, easy to turn around in field.

Adopt hydraumatic side dumping device, convenient for operating corn unloading.

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