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Self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester

The corn combine harvester produced by our company is a small corn harvesting machine, which can return the straw to the field while harvesting corn. Its appearance has greatly eased people's labor intensity and accelerated the process of agricultural modernization in our country. The model has been used by many user groups all over the country and has a good social reputation.

Corn combine harvester features:

 1. It can not only harvest corn ears, but also chop corn stalks to achieve the purpose of returning straws to the field.
 2. The unit is energy-saving and can be operated easily with only 18-28 horsepower.
 3. One machine is multi-purpose, portable and flexible. The unit is matched with a small tractor, and the tractor can be used for other operations after the unit is unloaded. (can be disassembled and used at will)
 4. High work efficiency, can harvest 3-5 mu per hour.

Advantages of corn combine harvester:

1. Small size, not limited by planting row spacing, no need to manually clear the way, adapt to planting modes in various places
2. The hydraulic lifting header has good field passability, and the header can be adjusted at any time according to the height of earing to achieve the best effect.
3. Hydraulic grain unloading can be directly unloaded to the agricultural transport vehicle, saving time and effort.
4. The gear chain transmission mechanism is stable, reliable and easy to maintain.