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Self Propelled Corn Picker

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Self-propelled corn picker is designed to efficiently and mechanically harvest corn from the field, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing harvesting speed. 
Self-propelled corn pickers are commonly used in large-scale commercial farming operations and are equipped with various components to perform the harvesting process effectively. 

1. Conveyor System: Once the ears of corn are separated from the stalks, a conveyor system inside the machine transports the harvested corn to a holding bin or wagon for later collection.
2. Husking and Cleaning: Some self-propelled corn pickers are equipped with husking and cleaning mechanisms to remove husks, leaves, and debris from the harvested corn before it's deposited in the storage bin.
3. Storage Bin: The harvested corn is collected in a storage bin, which may be part of the picker or a separate wagon pulled behind the machine. The corn can then be transported to a storage facility or processing plant.
4. Operator Cabin: A self-propelled corn picker typically has an operator cabin with controls for steering, speed adjustment, and monitoring the harvesting process. The operator can control various aspects of the machine's operation from the cabin.
5. Adjustable Row Width: Many self-propelled corn pickers allow farmers to adjust the row width to accommodate different spacing between corn rows in the field.
6. Safety Features: Safety features such as guards and emergency shutoffs are integrated into the machine to protect the operator and prevent accidents.

Self-propelled corn pickers are efficient and labor-saving tools, especially when dealing with large cornfields. They help farmers maximize their harvest yields by reducing losses and increasing the speed of the harvesting process. Additionally, the harvested corn can be used for various purposes, including food production, animal feed, and industrial processing, making this machine essential in modern corn agriculture.