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Maize Picker Manufacturers

Maize picker is a machine for gathering the ears and removing the husks from standing corn. The widespread consumption of maize has led to the increase in the availability of equipment needed for crop production and processing.

Maize Picker.A corn picker is an agricultural machine used to harvest corn leaving the whole ear intact rather than shelling the kernels off like a conventional combine . 

How does a maize harvesting machine work?

Sensor brackets attached to the maize header scanned the maize rows and relayed the impulses to the steering wheels to automatically steer the machine. This innovation made the driver’s task much easier in difficult harvesting conditions, resulting in an overall increase in the machine’s work rate.

The maize picker is towed by a tractor along the row of maize plants and the maize cobs are automatically picked and loaded into a hopper. The hopper is emptied at intervals into a trailer. 

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