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Maize Header Exporters

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The maize header is specifically designed to cut and gather maize plants. It consists of a series of rows of gathering chains, snapping rollers, and cutting blades. 

The header is mounted at the front of the combine harvester, and as the combine moves through the maize field, the header works to:

1. Cut the Stalks: The cutting blades on the header cut the maize stalks at the base, separating the plants from the roots.
2. Gather and Feed: The gathering chains and snapping rollers work to gather the cut maize plants, snapping off the ears of corn from the stalks. The stalks are typically left in the field.
3. Convey to the Thresher: Once the ears of corn are removed from the stalks, they are conveyed into the combine harvester, where the thresher separates the kernels from the cobs.

Maize headers come in various sizes to match the width and row spacing of the maize crop being harvested. They can range from single-row headers for small-scale operations to much larger headers that can handle multiple rows of maize simultaneously.

Using a specialized maize header greatly increases the efficiency and speed of maize harvesting, as it ensures that the corn plants are harvested and processed in a way that minimizes crop loss and maximizes the yield of corn kernels for further processing or storage.