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Combine Header Exporters

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Combine Header is an essential component of a combine harvester, a large agricultural machine used for  harvesting various crops like wheat, corn, soybeans, and more. 

Grain Header: Grain headers are used for harvesting small-grain crops like wheat, barley, oats, and rice. They typically have a straight cutting platform with a reel or draper belts to feed the crop into the combine's threshing mechanism.
Corn Header: Corn headers are designed specifically for harvesting corn. They consist of rows of gathering chains or snouts that pull the cornstalks into the combine. Corn headers are often equipped with stalk rollers to flatten and crush the corn residue.

Combine headers are available in various widths to match the size of the combine and the field conditions. They play a crucial role in the harvesting process, as their design and features directly impact the efficiency and quality of crop harvesting. Farmers and operators often select the appropriate header based on the type of crop, field conditions, and the combine's capabilities.

Combine Header is a critical component of modern agriculture, as it determines how effectively crops are harvested, which, in turn, affects crop yield and quality.