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Characteristics of self propelled corn combine harvester

Self-propelled corn combine harvesters are equipped with a variety of features that help increase their efficiency and effectiveness:
1. Cutting mechanism: Equipped with a specialized cutting mechanism, usually consisting of multiple rows of rotating blades or cutting tables, designed to effectively cut corn stalks.
2. Threshing device: The machine is equipped with a threshing device that can separate corn kernels from cobs to ensure clean and thorough harvesting.
3. Separation system: The separation system separates corn kernels from corn kernels.
4. Collection and storage: Harvesters are often designed with collection and storage systems, such as grain storage tanks, where harvested corn is stored.
5. Self-propelled: The machine is equipped with its own propulsion system.
6. Control and Monitoring: Many models feature advanced control systems that allow operators to monitor and adjust settings for optimal performance.
7. Ergonomic Cab: Designed for comfort and efficiency, the operator cab is equipped with controls, displays and climate controls.