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Advantages of self-propelled corn harvester

Compared with traditional manual or mechanical picking, self-propelled corn pickers have the following advantages:

1. Improve picking efficiency: The self-propelled corn picker adopts advanced picking technology and automatic control system, which can greatly improve picking efficiency, and can complete large-scale harvesting in a short time, reducing labor costs.

2. Reduce losses: The self-propelled corn picker adopts professional picking devices and technologies, which can effectively reduce the loss of corn and improve picking quality and income.

3. Strong adaptability: the self-propelled corn picker can adapt to different terrains and environments, and can be used in various terrains and environments such as slopes, flats, and wet areas.

4. Simple operation: The self-propelled corn harvester adopts an intelligent control system, which can complete various settings and adjustments through simple operations, reducing the difficulty of use and operating costs.

5. Easy maintenance: The self-propelled corn harvester adopts a modular design and an intelligent maintenance system, which can facilitate repair and maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.