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As a Sunflower Headers Manufacturer,Exporters, Suppliers From China, share with you.

Sunflower headers aim to cut the stalk beneath the flower head via a cutting bar.

During the harvesting processes, the hydraulic front plate has the role of keeping the flower heads in a forward position, while the snapping roller prevents the heads from being cut too soon.

To accommodate the most diverse conditions of crop plants during harvesting, and to maximize the material throughput, a suitable setting of seed pans, reel position, and rotation speed is needed.

The auger then collects all sunflower heads and delivers them into the feeder-house.

Instead of installing a reel, certain sunflower headers are equipped with poly snouts and guiding chains with fingers for each row.

However, such headers have higher sunflower seed losses on farms, due to the shaking incident during operation.

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