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Forage Header. We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of high quality Forage Header.

Corn Chaff Headers

Corn Chaff Headers are the widest Forage Headers in the game, and can process a field very quickly. Make sure to have a large container (a Tipper or Loading Wagon) to service the Forage Harvester as it works, otherwise you will run out of space constantly.

Universal Cutters

Universal Cutters can perform two completely different functions:
The first function of a Universal Cutter is to produce Chaff by harvesting fields of Wheat, Barley, Canola or Soybeans.
The second function of a Universal Cutter is to mow fresh Grass, much like a Mower.

Pickup Headers

Pickup Header is a simple header whose only purpose is to pick up Grass or Hay that have been left on the ground in Piles by other machines. In this sense, they work in exactly the same way as a Loading Wagon.

Poplar Headers

Poplar Header is the only tool in the game that is capable of harvesting Poplars. As it harvests these small trees, it produces Wood Chips, which can be sold at the local Sawmill for a very high profit per hectare.

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