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What Is The Features Of 8 Row Corn Head

There are many kinds of corn heads produced by Tianren. The 8 row corn head is suitable for customers who need to drive along a narrow road to the field that needs to be harvested without the need to transport the header separately. 8 row corn head patented compound multi-blade structure, stable work when collecting corn cobs and cutting corn stalks, reducing damage to ears.

Number of rows 8
Conventional line spacing (mm) :520,540,650,670, 690,700,750
Available line spacing range (mm): ±50
Number of knives on stem roll: 5
Feeding amount (kg/sec): ≥ 5.0
Weight per row (kg): 180
Food loss rate: ≤2%
Compatibility :John Deere, Case, Klass, etc.
Minimum corncob height from the ground (mm): 200
Harvesting efficiency (acres/hour): 1.6-3.3
Flail chopper: optional
Reel: optional
Sidetrack: optional

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