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Tianren Provides Silage Header

When crops are harvested, straw is also an important raw material, and Silage Header is suitable for harvesting straw. Next, I will introduce a silage header produced by Tianren.
Performance of Tianren Silage Header
1. This header is a tower-wheel structure and adopts saw-tooth cutting blades, which can adapt to the planting mode in various regions. It is not restricted by the thickness, plant height, plant spacing, row spacing of the planted crop straws; and the feeding is even, which can make the grass and Throwing work at a constant speed avoids the instability of power consumption caused by the sudden speed and slowness of feeding, resulting in poor throwing and unevenness.
2. When the header is blocked during operation, the feeding tray can be reversed without disconnecting the cut-off function, so that the blocked material exits, and then re-feeds, to avoid the need to stop and trim.
3. The color of the header produced by our company is only the base color for the time being, and the main color can be changed according to user needs.
As silage header manufacturers, Tianren has been committed to the production of agricultural machinery, aiming to help customers solve crop harvesting problems, reduce manpower and material resources, and improve time efficiency. So, if you are interested in our silage header for sale, please contact us in time!

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