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Sweet Corn Picker For Sale

Our sweet corn picker for sale is mechanically harvested by self propelled or tractor pulled harvesters. With mechanical harvest, the part of the stalk that contains the ears is cut by the harvester and the ears are subsequently removed either by the harvest machinery or by hand. Culling and packing occurs later in the packinghouse.

sweet corn picker for sale

Sweet Corn Picker Features:
1. Lifting hydraulic control, convenient and flexible operation;
2. Installed on a separate tractor, low power consumption;
3. Shelling concave surface with hydraulic adjustment
4. The lifting mechanism ensures that the grain tank is automatically filled
5. Cut the straw back to the field when harvesting;
6. There is no risk of paper jam, and high speed is obtained;

As corn picker suppliers, Tianren has many years of experience in producing sweet corn pickers and can assure you of the quality of the products. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.