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Sweet Corn Harvester

As a Sweet Corn Harvester Manufacturer, share with you.Wholesale Sweet Corn Harvester machine are designed to provide you with a better crop residue management system.

Does sweet corn have to be picked by hand?

Sweet corn can be picked by hand or machine, and many growers use machines to pick.

What machine do farmers use to harvest corn?

Maize harvesting machine is the small type corn harvester,the machine can work single row corn, the machine can work with tiller and walk tractor.

Sweet Corn Harvester function and features:

1. It has both corn harvesting and corn straw crushing functions.
2. It has hopper to collect corn ears.
3. The stubble height can be adjusted.
4. The tension clutch works safely and the turning radius is small, which makes the harvester more flexible when switching directions, greatly reducing the working radius of the harvesting and improving the harvesting efficiency.
5. It can be harvested when the height of the ear is more than 60 cm.
6. The higher the straw, the higher the peeling rate.
7. The model is small and adaptable.
8. Easy operation, installation and disassembly.

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