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Grain Header Exporters

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Grain headers are the most commonly used type of combine headers.With the aim to match with combine harvesters of many sizes for a variety of crops as required.

Grain Header Components:

1. a platform equipped with a frontal, reciprocating knife cutter bar;
2. two lateral dividers of the plants; cross-mounted crop-lifting devices;
3. a reel with slates and metal fingers (or plastic fingers);
4. and an intake auger facilitated with a retractable finger drum that delivers the collected crops into a combine-feeder house.

How Grain Header Works:

When the grain header operates, its reel rotates and thus, each slate with fingers comes into contact vertically with the crop plants.
The plants are then pushed towards the cutter bar, falling on the platform, and delivered to the center of the header via the intake auger.

Grain Header Note:

During the harvesting processes, the grain can be shattered and thus increase the amount of grain losses.
These issues can be mitigated by adjusting an optimal cutting height of the plants, selecting a suitable position of the reel relative to the cutter bar,as well as modifying the reel rotation relative to the combine harvester speed and crop type.