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Corn Picker For Sale

A corn picker is as the name implies an agricultural piece of equipment used to harvest corn. In the ripening season of corn, corn picker is a machine that often appears in the farmland.

corn picker for sale

As corn picker manufacturers, our corn pickers are equipped with high-quality gearboxes with stepless speed regulation; strengthen the front axle, underframe and main frame to be more durable. And there are many kinds, you can choose different models and different sizes of corn pickers. Our corn picker for sale is equipped with flail blades, which can be used for ploughing, crushing and biting the straw, which can help you save 40% of fuel consumption.

Finally, Tianren can provide you with the most complete seed corn and sweet corn harvester and corn head product line. You can choose from 3 rows to 7 rows of corn pickers, from small to large, there are 8 choices for you to choose.