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Corn Heads Tianren

Corn Heads Tianren Features
1) Simple structure, only the engine and the reaper head;
2) Gasoline or diesel engine, good mobility;
3) Small volume, light weight, easy to operate;
4) Low energy consumption, stable performance, very reliable;
5) Suitable for big, midium and small fields, even the inconvenient traffic places;

Corn Head Main Advantage
Superior down corn gathering performance, with super long arc-shaped dividers that are designed to lift down corn and present to the gathering chains. Reel attachments can increase the down corn gathering performance to a unbelievable level.
Patented Compound multiple blades structure works stably when gathering cobs and cutting cornstalks, reducing chance of ear damage.
Patented small tilt angle techniques to stop free grain loss and able to pick up the cob 20 cms higher than ground.
Hoods are made by glass fiber reinforced plastic, able to reduce the shake and noise as well as work under low temperature.
Separate safety clutches are used on each row unit to ensure the high reliability.
Able to customize to suit for two different row spacings in the same cornfields