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Combine Head for Sale

Superior down corn gathering performance, super long arc-shaped dividers designed to lift & present down corn to gathering chains. Reel attachments can increase the down corn gathering performance to a unbelievable level.

Combine Head Cheap for Sale
Brand: Tianren
Number of rows: 8
Regular row spacings (mm): 520,540,650,670, 690,700,750
workable row spacings range (mm) : ±50
Number of knives on stalk rolls:5
Feeding quantity (kg/s): ≥ 5.0
Weight of each row (kg): 180
Grain loss rate: ≤2%
Compatibility: John Deere, Case, Claas etc
The minimum corn cob height from field(mm): 200
Harvesting efficiency(acre/h):1.6-3.3